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High School Girls Party


Hello, parties are very beautiful. People give parties whenever they have something to celebrate. We carefully organize a party for everything to be perfect, we choose the best food and drink, choose a nice location, decor and invite all the people dear to us. Today, through this game for girls you'll be able to participate in the most beautiful party in high school. We all know that high school is a beautiful period and prom is very important and therefore we have great confidence in you that you will help us to organize the most beautiful party. We have three friends who want to go to prom and only you can help them look perfect in order to win the prize. An event like this requires a lot of hard work and patience, be very attentive to detail and will surely be an unforgettable party. If you can handle this special mission in the future you can become an organizer of parties.Our friends will be very happy because you decided to help them.Success!- For starters you have to do the invitations;- Apply draw butterflies and flowers;- Then you have to send them all;- Then you have to do a facial;- Apply exfoliating gel;- Rinse with warm water;- Clean the water with a towel;- Apply a moisturizer;- Apply concealer;- Eliminate acne and blemishes;- Now you have to makeup her, apply: contact lenses, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick and eyebrow pencil;- Choose the most interesting accessories;- Be very careful because you have to match the shoeswith the purse;- Girls are ready for the party;- They arrived and now must be signed tickets;- The party may start;- Make a tattoo;- Choose the most interesting models;- The girls want to walk around by car;- Wash and repair the car;- Now girls can walk;- They will dance, choose the best music;- You're a very good DJ;- The girls are really good fun;- Now they want to eat, you have to make the most delicious sandwiches;- You did a very good job, the party is very successful.
Thanks for your help, please come back every day through this game with parties for children.
Have fun!